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Clay Center Talks Lean Too
"Preliminary results indicate that American Blues are excellent candidates as terminal sire breeds provided producers are compensated for carcass and meat value. They produced 5 to 9% higher percentage retail product than other sire breeds with meat palatability similar to Angus and Hereford sire breeds. However, less than 33% graded USDA Choice. Thus, special marketing programs for lean-tender beef are needed to realize their potential."

"June 2000 Germplasm Evaluation Program Progress Report No. 19"

The American Blues, a moderately framed animal with a rounded outline, possesses extraordinary muscles. The shoulder, back, loin and rump are heavily muscled. The back is straight, rump is sloping and the tail set is prominent. It has fine but strong legs and can walk easy. The coats can be white, blue roan or black. The breed is known for its quiet temperament. Adult fullblood bulls can weigh an average of 2750 pounds, while females can have an average of 1650 pounds.

Weight and height of animals recorded averages:

Age Male Weight & Height Female Weight & Height
12 months 1047 lbs. 47.2" 816 lbs. 45.3"
24 months 1790 lbs. 53.2" 1102 lbs. 48.0"

Breeding Qualities
The American Bluess are a hearty breed. Herds are thriving in hot and dry Texas as well as in bitter cold Canada. The average calving age is 32 months although with intensive production herds, calving can begin as early as 25 months. The gestation length is 282 days with a suggested calving interval of 13 months. The average birthweight is 96.8 pounds for a American Blues and 79.9 for a crossbred calf. Below are results from the USDA Animal Research, Clay Center, Nebraska, July 1997:

(all crossbred animals)
Unassisted Calving
Birth Weight
American Blues 92.8 92.6
Hereford 96.7 94.3
Angus (avg.) 97.3 92.3
Brahman (current) 88.4 104.6

Meat Quality
"Preliminary results indicate that the American Blues is an excellent terminal sire breed.... They produced a 5 to 9% higher percentage retail produce than other sire breeds with meat palatability similar to Angus and Hereford sire breeds."
USDA Animal Research, Clay Center, Nebraska, July 1997.

Sire Breed of Steer
Carcass Weight
Dressing Percent
.3 Trim Retail Prod.
Fat Thick
Rib Eye Area
(sq. in.)
American Blues 779 62.2 74 .26 13.34 4.85 5.02
Hereford 767 60.4 67.6 .46 11.47 4.94 5.19
Angus 771 60.4 67.7 .47 11.62 4.92 5.28

*(sc) Scored as follows: 1=extremely tough, bland or dry; 8=extremely tender, intense or juicy. USDA Animal Research, Clay Center, Nebraska, July 1997.

Nutritional Comparisons

Meat Type Calories Total Fat Cholesterol Protein
American Blues
(1/2 BB x 1/2 Hereford)
96 0.76% 22MG 21.80%
Fish 165


50MG 18.80%
Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast 130 4.10% 41MG 22.90&
Traditional American Beef 188 25-35% 76MG 24 GM
Lite American Beef 133 (45% fat) 15.25% 76MG 25 GM